Bedtime Sweets Episode 4 – The Foster Fail

Episode 4 of the BEDTIME SWEETS podcast has landed!

Dirk Van Gilse and his BEDTIME SWEETS family production team have outdone themselves this time, with the help of Trenchcoat Monkey Spike Barclay.

Spike’s brand of humor really clicked with Dirk’s on this strange story of animal experimentation gone wrong.

Meet Chumley, an unusual rabbit with a laboratory enhanced mind who longs for a forever home.  But as his foster family is about to find out, he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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Season One, Episode 4 – November 7, 2021

We hope you enjoyed this pet fostering experience!

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PLAYERS: Anna – Katie Van Gilse Ben – Edmund Van Gilse Mike  – Dirk Van Gilse Stacey from Bunny Underground – Katie Van Gilse Chumley – Dirk Van Gilse INTRO NARRATION: Heidi Van Gilse WRITTEN BY: Dirk Van Gilse, with Spike Barclay & The Trenchcoat Monkeys Writers Guild DIRECTED BY: Dirk Van Gilse RECORDED & ENGINEERED BY: Heidi Van Gilse ADDITIONAL SOUND EFFECTS: PRODUCED BY: Trenchcoat Monkeys Productions EPISODE COVER ART BY: Edmond Van Gilse Proudly made in NY’s Hudson Valley.

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