We are a group of writers based in the Hudson Valley who meet regularly, share resources, swap critiques, and work together to make compelling stories in sci-fi, mystery, and fantasy.

This is the place for the latest news about our publications, readings and appearances, and contact info.

Meet the members of the Guild:

Aaron Leichter

Aaron is a New York City native who worked many years in advertising as a photo editor and graphic artist. Since moving to a farm outside Hudson, NY, in late 2017, Aaron has been creating sci-fiction shorts and is hard at work on his first novel.

Kate D. Schneider

Kate is an American citizen who grew up in France and Germany, and attended university in Switzerland. She writes pulpy noir in European settings and is very concerned with themes of alienation. She is the author of the short story, “Uschi’s Place” and is currently working on a novel. She lives with her husband and three children in Hudson, NY.

Jon Lansing

Jon is a former teacher and history buff who creates works of fantasy and alternate histories. He lives in Tivoli, NY.

Tony Khoury

Tony is a native of Troy, NY, writing legal mysteries and thrillers set in the Capital Region. He is currently at work on his first novel.

Spike Barclay

Spike who has a mother from County Limerick and a father from the mountains of Peru likes to call himself “The Spanish Onion in the Irish Stew”.  He is our group’s resident comedian and he loves to entertain, even his enemies who he hopes will die laughing.

Dirk Van Gilse

Dirk lives in Red Hook, NY. He has worked in various creative fields. He is the creator of the podcast “BEDTIME SWEETS” — a sci-fi / horror anthology featuring short audio dramas about near future dystopias, humanity on far off worlds, augmented reality run amok, and other unsettling themes.

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