BEDTIME SWEETS Podcast – A Trenchcoat Monkeys Production

Bedtime Sweets Podcast

Monkey member Dirk Van Gilse has released his new podcast BEDTIME SWEETS as Trenchcoat Monkey Production.

It’s been a blast for all of us to have worked with Dirk and his family to make this show a reality.  We’re certainly looking forward to continue collaborating on new episodes.

BEDTIME SWEETS podcast is a sci-fi / horror anthology show featuring short audio dramas about near future dystopias, humanity struggling for survival on far off worlds, augmented reality run amok, and other unsettling themes.

Over the year, we plan to produce 12 episodes in total, releasing a new one by the first of each month.

Currently, there are two episodes available on a slew of podcast apps, including iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

Head over to the BEDTIME SWEETS subscribe page get the podcast on your favorite app.

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