Uschi’s Place On Amazon

Our first publication has  landed at Amazon.  Kate D. Schneider’s euro noir, Uschi’s Place.

It has been fun workshopping this manuscript and designing, editing the final product as a team.

Kate’s edgy, tawdry short story is set in Basel, Switzerland, a place near and dear to her heart.

It concerns a desirable young woman named Uschi — beautiful, athletic,  smart and extremely well-read — who is the lover of Marcus, just an ordinary guy working in one of Basel’s chemical plants.


Marcus feels he’s out of his league with Uschi, so naturally he’d do anything to impress her.  But he’s in for a surprise when Uschi suddenly calls him over to her apartment one afternoon to help her deal with a little problem: she may have just killed her next-door neighbor’s mentally disturbed wife.

Will Marcus help her “mop up”?  And will he regret his visit to Uschi’s place?

We hope you’ll take a look at this short read and leave a comment here.

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